Practice Areas


That is, the Transfer of property from one person to another through sale, gift or property inherited from a relative or benefactor.

Provides representation for persons who are charged with criminal offences.
Civil Matters

Provides representation for persons who must appear in civil suits before the Court.
Family Law

Advise and represent clients in Divorce, Adoption, Maintenance, Domestic violence, Child custody and protection and other Family Law related matters.

Represent clients on matters that cannot be decided by arbitration and therefore must be settled by the Court.

Apply to the Court to Probate the Will of deceased persons and for Administration of the estate of deceased persons who did not make a Will.
Real Estate

Act as Agents for clients who are based either locally or abroad and wish to buy and or sell property located in the State of Grenada, and that includes both Carriacou and Petite Martinique.
Incorporation/Registration of Companies and Cooperatives

Prepare the necessary documentation and apply to the Registrar of Companies to set up companies on behalf of clients.
Contractual Agreements

Prepare various types of contract documents for signature by the parties that are engaged in the contract.