We respect and honour the confidence that our clients have placed in our Company and commit ourselves to staunchly protect their trust.
Tillman Thomas Chambers originally and Franco Chambers subsequently have a rich history of providing dedicated quality legal services to its clients and commit to providing even more exceptional services to our future clients.
The legal services provided by Franco Chambers and Co. is unquestionable second to none; service is the foundation on which the Company is built; we will be relentless until our clients are satisfied with the services provided by our Company.
About Us
Franco Chambers & Co. is a small family owned and operated firm providing a wide variety of legal services to clients. It is conveniently located on Ben Jones Street in the second largest town of Grenville and on Main Street Sauteurs in the most northern parish of the island of Grenada. Franco Chambers is a full-service firm with a knowledgeable team that is fully prepared to assist you with all your legal problems. The attorneys at Franco Chambers consist of a team with a wide range of varying experiences; that team is committed to obtain consistent and effective results for your legal matters. From its predecessor’s inception in 1978 the firm has dedicated itself to providing quality, efficiency and competent legal services to all its clients.